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NHS 24/7 Ready Meal Vending Machines

The Perfect solution for the provision of, ‘Out of Hours’ NHS food service.

Machine Range

The machine will operate as ambient models and will have as standard a full change giving coin mechanism with optional extra of a contactless payment solution.

There are two models of machines, standard glass fronted spiral vendor and a spiral glass fronted vendor with elevator and vend port for speedy and safe delivery. Both models offer 3 branding options, either as branded stand-alone machines for takeaway, or in a full vending surrounding with microwave and waste bin, for sit down and takeaways.

All machines will vend biodegradable sport sets – knife, fork, spoon, and napkin.

24/7 Vending Food Hubs

Placing vending food hubs in key central and accessible locations for all – combining a fresh food vendor next to 24/7 ready meal vendor, selling freshly prepared sandwiches, paninis and wraps, salad pots, fresh fruit/fresh fruit salad etc. provides for a balanced and nutritional food service for NHS staff and visitors.

Self-Fill Operation – hospitals should look at these vending food hubs as a revenue stream. With many hospital catering operations currently only open to staff and a few contractors, they have seen reductions in their turnover. If food is freshly prepared in-house or brought in, the catering team could restock the machines themselves.

Staff Health And Wellbeing

Many hospitals lack the facilities to cater for ‘out of hours’ catering, it is too costly in terms of staffing to keep the restaurant open that extra hour until 8pm or later and operate a reduced catering service over weekends. The health and wellbeing of staff working nights and long shifts is essential in running a happy ship.

Additional Benefits of Microwave Ready Meals – They cater for dietary requirements of allergens at short notice, satisfy requirements for diverse cultures and religions, for patients who miss a meal or had procedures during meal service times, late night A&E visits and family or visitors rushing to hospital straight from work – there is always a demand for something to eat 24 hours per day

Flavours Of The World

The Flavours of the World menu range offers up to 14 meals and 2 sides, offering a budget meal, and the Bistro Express menu offering 9 ready meals, providing excellent value for money for that ‘Grab N Go’ culture in a very busy environment, where NHS staff on night shifts, or who are stuck in a ward or department and do not get the time to get away to grab something to eat.

Both the Bistro Express and Flavours of the World range are fantastic to not only reheat in a microwave from just one and half minutes, or reheated in a saucepan, at work or even at home after a late shift.

From the hospitals facilities and catering departments prospective, the 24/7 ready meal vendors offer not only a very cost effective ‘out of hours’ provision of hot meals for NHS staff – compared to frozen food vendors (wraps, paninis, slices, burgers, muffins, and ice creams) which are both expensive and take up limited freezer space in many cases. The ambient ready meals have a shelf life of 9 to 18 months. This gives you all the allergen and nutritional detail you may require by product (these fall within CQUIN guidelines issued for the NHS).

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